It takes bathroom vanity, Led bathroom minrror and shower door. as it flagsihp 
and drives the developing of the related industrial including.
• Build the bathroom space according to the plan drawing by BONITALL system KUJIALE.
•  Provide complete bathroom products include BONITALL own products and outsource products.
•  BONITALL TOPSOLID system split BOM and issued production instruction according to the design solution.
•  Control the whole process from design to aftersales by BONITALL ERP system.
•  Provide considerate after sales service.
BONITALL was founded in 2004, It takes bathroom vanity, led bathroom mirror and shower enclosure as its flagship and drives the development of related industries, including faucets, showers, toilet etc.
To coordinate with the development of market demands and upgrade of intelligent production, BONITALL build its core advantage--one stop bathroom solution, and to be the benchmark of the industry.
BONITALL-One stop bathroom solution is a complete service system, including product design, bathroom space decoration design, 3D rending, production, order management, products use and maintenance guide, etc. It can provide you with customized service and one stop bathroom product purchasing service.


What is Bonitall main product for each factory?

Foshan bathroom vanity production base main producing solid wood and plywood bathroom vanity. Solid wood: rubber wood, ash, red oak, rosewood, black walnut.

Qingyuan bathroom vanity production base main producing plywood bathroom vanity, there are plywood, MDF, particleboard. The finished are spray lacquer, melamine and thermoforming.

Shower enclosure production base main producing shower enclosure & shower doors, we have tempered glass and laminated glass, Bonitall is the first shower enclosure manufacturer who use laminated glass materials.

LED bathroom mirror production base main producing LED bathroom mirror, the product function: lighted, dimmable, CCT adjusting, anti-fog, Bluetooth, magnifier, smart display.

How is Bonitall production capacity?

Foshan bathroom vanity factory: 8000 sets/month.

Qingyuan bathroom vanity factory: 20000 sets/month.

Shower enclosure factory: 15000 sets/month.

LED bathroom mirror factory: 15000 sets/month.

And our production capacity is keep growth.

How many containers Bonitalldelivery per month?

There are 30 containers per month, total value USD$40000 each container.

How about Bonitall factory scale?

Foshan bathroom vanity factory: 40000 square meters.

Qingyuan bathroom vanity factory: 50000 square meters.

Shower enclosure factory: 15000 square meters.

LED bathroom mirror factory: 10000 square meters.

How many qualities controller of Bonitall?

Foshan bathroom vanity factory: 19.

Qingyuan bathroom vanity factory: 9.

Shower enclosure factory: 8.

LED bathroom mirror factory: 8.

What factory management system authentication does Bonitall have?

CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, FSC.

FAQS-Bathroom Vanity

What is Bonitall bathroom vanity main market?

North America (United States, Canada), Middle East (Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon), South America (Chile), Africa (Egypt, South Africa), Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom).

Can customize the bathroom vanity?

Yes, we accept customize order, and each item quantity should more than 10 set, also please let us know the color, size, materials and accessories you need.

What kind of materials for Bonitall bathroom vanity?

We have solid wood, plywood, MDF and particleboard.

What is the surface treatment for Bonitall bathroom vanity?

Our different materials bathroom vanity with different surface treatment that include painted, melamine, veneer and PVC foil.

What kinds of regular package for Bonitall bathroom vanity?

Bathroom vanity: cabinet, basin, mirror packaging individual, the packaging with PE foam + corner protector + foam + five layers cardboard box.

Can I request color customize for bathroom vanity?

Yes, we provide color customize service, MOQ more than 20 set. Usually, light color expensive than matte color.

What kinds of accessories for Bonitall bathroom vanity?

Guide rail: Steel ball guide rail, the palm guide, drawer box. Bonitall always use palm guide. Brand: DTC, BLUM, Kubler, Hettich, Hafele. Bonitall always use DTC & BLUM. Hinge: DTC, BLUM, other, Bonitall always use DTC & BLUM.

E0 E1 E2 F4 what is it? Environmental protection standard formaldehyde emission.

E0 formaldehyde release is less than 3mg/100 grams, E0 plate can be directly used for indoor plate.

E1 formaldehyde release is less than 9mg/100 grams, E1 plate can be directly used for indoor plate.

E2 formaldehyde release is less than 30mg/100 grams, must allow for interior finishes treatment.

F assumes level formaldehyde emissions less than 1.8mg/100 grams, F assumes no restrictions on the use of the area.

Bonitall always use E1.

In regard to aftersales of Bonitall bathroom vanity?

We will full inspect before packing. But if you found damaged after you received the goods, we need to confirm the damaged is due to transportation or installation. If serious product quality problems, we will free replacement.

What is the lead time for Bonitall bathroom vanity?

Classic style bathroom vanity: 40-45 days

Modern lacquer bathroom vanity: 35-45 days

Melamine board bathroom vanity: 25-35 days

Other type of bathroom vanity, please contact our sales.

FAQS-Shower Door

What kinds of shower doors glass do we provide?

Frosted glass, misty glass, silk printing glass, stick-film glass, easy-clean glass, laminated glass, Bonitall is the first shower enclosure manufacturer who use laminated glass materials.

What is Bonitall Laminated Glass technology?

Laminated glass is a composite glass product in which one or more layers of organic polymer EVA are sandwiched between two or more pieces of tempered glass after special high-temperature process, the glass and the intermediate film are permanently bonded together. It is with high impact strength and safer than normal tempered glass. Even if one of the glasses explodes spontaneously, the debris will be stuck to the film, and the broken glass surface remains clean and smooth. This effectively prevents the occurrence of debris piercing and penetrating fall incidents, and ensures personal safety.

Which designs of shower enclosure do we provide?

Sliding door; hinge door; pivot door; walk in, folding; customized.

What thickness of shower doors glass we provide?

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.

What certifications of shower doors glass do we provide?

SGCC, PAS-Mark, CE etc.

What is the material of Bonitall shower doors hardware?

6463 aluminum alloy, 304/316 stainless steel, brass.

Can customize shower enclosure product?

Yes, please send us your drawings or requirement details.

Which packaging possibilities do we offer for shower enclosure?

Corrugated carton; honeycomb carton; wooden case.

How long does it take to complete a sample order?

Regular shower product 15-20days.

Can you stamp the customers' own logo and their own package?

Yes, of course acceptable.

FAQS-LED Bathroom Mirror

What specification of Bonitall mirror? And advantage?

Thickness of mirror: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm

Type of mirror: silver mirror, the first-generation environmental mirror; the second-generation environmental mirror; the third-generation environmental mirror Mirror technology: straight edge; straight bevel edge; shape edge; shape bevel edge; round edge; safety edge.

Advantage: anti-corrosion; environmental material.

What kinds of switch mode for Bonitall led bathroom mirror?

Touch switch, motion sensor switches and wall switch.

Which brand of LED chip we use for Bonitall led bathroom mirror?

Our LED chip is Epistar, if you have another request, please let us know.

What kinds of led strip Bonitall use?

5050/2835, 60/120pcs/M.

What CRI (color rendering index) of Bonitall led bathroom mirror?

Normally, we provide 80RA, 90RA or higher, please contact our sales.

What is the lumen of Bonitall LED bathroom mirror?

5050: 9W, 60pcs/M = 850LM

2835: 9W, 60pcs/M = 800LM

2835: 16W, 120pcs/M = 1350LM

What is regular color temperature of Bonitall led bathroom mirror?

2700K, 4000K, 6000K, we also made CCT adjusting from 2700K to 6000K.

What is the voltage of Bonitall led bathroom mirror?

Difference country difference voltage standard. Europe: 220V-240V, North American:120V.

What is the functional of Bonitall led bathroom mirror we can make?

The common function: touch switch, lighted, anti-fog.

The additional function: CCT adjusting, dimming, motion sensor switch, Bluetooth, magnifier, smart display etc.

What is the lead time for led bathroom mirror?

Frameless: sample order and order quantity less than 10pcs, lead time = 35 days

Framed: sample order and order quantity less than 10pcs, lead time = 45 days

If order quantity up to 40’ container, lead time = 45-50 days.